Most days I am either downstairs in my ceramic studio filling orders, or upstairs on the computer working on an illustration.

I love when I get an illustration job.

I studied ceramics and animation at The Boston Museum School and continued for my

last year studying experimental film at Cooper Union in NYC.

Before video and computers took over traditional cel animation, I worked at The Ink Tank on staff for almost a decade. This was where I learned everything I know about being an artist.

Eventually I moved out west taking classes at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, concentrating on ceramics. I worked briefly at Will Vinton Animation Studios in Portland, OR before becoming a full time production potter.

I’ve kept a daily drawing blog since 2009. Completing a drawing a day, no matter what, keeps me limber. Being able to jump in without thinking too much is a valuable practice and has prepared me for the fast pace of editorial work.

I also enjoy animating loops for online and find that it is really no different than painting 100 bowls.

Thank You for visiting my site.